How interesting is your 'About Me' page?

All About Me...?

Is your 'about me' page on your blog interesting and engaging?  Does it make people want to follow your blog and journalists want to interview you?

As a potential follower of a blog I want to know who's writing it, what they are passionate about and why should I become a blog follower - what are you writing about that I just can't miss?

An 'about me' page on your website/blog can be difficult to write - you sit in front of a blank page and suddenly you are self-conscious and wondering who will read and judge and perhaps even decide not to follow or buy, just based on the next few paragraphs?

 - did I mention gin too many times, does it sound like I love my dogs too much, should I talk about my children?...  

Make it interesting!

Well duh!!! but you'd be surprised how many bloggers don't! If you already have an 'about me' page read it again, does it really sum you up?

Begin by writing your about me page from the heart, what are you actually trying to achieve with your blog?  If you find it difficult to start, try asking yourself some questions like those below.  Type your answers out and then edit them into a few powerful paragraphs that get the point quickly about what your blog is all about and why you think we should follow it.

Take care not to simply describe your domestic set up, I see this so often in those little bios in the sidebar of a blog.

'I am a mother with 2 fantastic kids and a wonderful partner, I make my crafts and write this blog in my spare time. I really love knitting, I learned to knit when I was 8 years old.'

YAWN! how about -

'If you met my family, you'd understand why I had to start writing a blog - it's certainly cheaper than a psychotherapist! I've been knitting since I was 8 - whatever you do don't open my cupboard doors, you will be drowned by an avalanche of yarn!'

Rather than being turned off by the idea of hearing about some fairly average normality, we know you have a sense of humour and we're excited that we might find out some snippets about your hectic family life as well as your obvious passion for knitting and stash building.

If you have some favourite bloggers see what they've written, do you think they've done a good job or do you feel they are selling themselves short?

Questions to help you write your 'about me' page

- Why did you start writing this blog?
- What is this blog about?
- In what environment do you write your blog?
- Who do you think would love to read your blog?
- Why should I follow your blog?

Write it and then edit edit edit... take out anything that isn't relevant.

How long should it be?

This comes down to personal preference and the style of your blog. If you write long posts then a long 'about me' will probably suit your blog style.  If you mainly post images then perhaps you can sum yourself up in 3 images?

A huge essay / life story can be a bit overwhelming, most people clicking on your about-me page are there for the first time having landed on a post they found interesting enough to want to find out who you are and where you are in the world.  You could include a link to find out more on a blog post you've written about your story.

What else to include on your 'about me' page

Your about me page is an opportunity to convert a first-time reader into a blog follower.

Social Media Links - Add just the links you use most so that people can quickly get in touch.  A journalist/blogger might want to quickly send a tweet, or a potential customer or new blog follower might want to follow you on Instagram / Facebook

Instead of links you could simply add a big call to action to sign up for your newsletter!

Links to your best most popular blog posts - just a few of your best posts, a snapshot of what you write about.

How you work with brands - you don't need to include a full advertising page, just a few words at the end to indicate if you are interested in sponsorship and advertising will do alongside your email address or an embedded contact form.

If you find you start getting lots of requests to work with brands, then you could create a dedicated page to help filter out the spammers and all those people who want something for nothing!

Your email address or a contact form
I would have a separate contact me page, people tend to look for 'contact' so it can help people who quickly want to get in touch.  However, I think having your email address or a contact link on your about me page is also important.

Remember to include your name! Unless you really want to remain anonymous it's good for people to know your real name and not just your social media handles.

Find my About Me page here - Hilary Pullen