Welcome to Craft Blog Grow! 

My name is Hilary Pullen aka @haptree. I am passionate about creativity and nature. I love writing, walking, photography and learning new things. I use my blog to inspire me to take time to look for the interesting things in life and to build (and share) my skills and findings along the way. I also have a walking and hill climbing blog called Nearly Up Hill which is an anagram of my name!

By day I'm a full-time community manager and digital marketing specialist, I'm lucky to work in the craft industry and be surrounded by creativity and craftspeople.

In this blog you'll find a mix of art, craft, nature, gardening and occasionaly some blogging tips, although I don't really write about that much any more. I'm also very slowly restoring a 100ft long peach house in my garden that was built in 1922 - so look out for progress on that!

Find my book here - Online Marketing for your Craft Business 

Contact me - haptree@gmail.com I'll get back to you asap!