Snowdonia Watercolour Paintings - Pierra Cirefice

I stumbled across the beautifully simple watercolour paintings of Pierra Cirefice and thought I would share a few of them so you can enjoy them too. The prints are from as little as £10 in her Etsy shop. I particularly like the Cader Idris print.

Cader Idris is one of my favourite mountains in Snowdonia, in fact it's loved by my family so much that my nephew is named Idris after it. You can find my guide for walking up Cader Idris from Ty Nant Car Park on my hiking in Snowdonia blog.

Legend has it that those who sleep on Cader Idris will either wake up as a madman or a poet, or never wake again.

Over on my hillwalking blog Nearly Uphill I have detailed all of the Welsh Mountains over 2000ft and also given their English translations. Cader Idris means the Chair of Idris. In Welsh legend Idris was a giant, an intelligent one. He was apparently a poet, an astronomer and a philosopher and he used the mountain as his throne, you can see from the image where he would have sat with his bottom in the Llyn!  I must read up more into this legend, I wonder how it came about.