Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes!

I have completely taken on board the recent trend for Christmas Eve Gift Boxes and Presents, a few little treats just before bedtime to extend the wonderful Christmas giving. 

If you have kids it's also a great way to sign off another year of growth and get them a cosy new pair of pyjamas. Personally I've always gone for PJ's that will be useful all year round - it's like making an essential buy into something really special which helps with the additional 'spendiness' of it.

These personalised boxes take it to another level! I love the fact that you will use these boxes year after year and just looking at them will get your family feeling really festive. Giving your kids a chance to open 'just one prezzy' also can help take the edge off their excitement and if you're clever about it give them something to occupy themselves with on Christmas eve.  

The ideal little Christmas Eve gift for kids would be a little puzzle and pair of PJ's and for adults maybe add in a little port and cheese!