Pejac - Making Powerful Artworks from Tiny Figures

Making art from tiny figures

Recently I stumbled across Madrid based artist Pejac and I absolutely love the little figures he uses in his art, creating really thought-provoking pieces.

Social distancing - Crack in the Wall

This 'crack' in the wall that I spotted on Twitter was where I first found this fascinating artist, up close it is made up of thousands of tiny little figures. Take a closer look at all of the amazing outdoor work of Pejac on his website.

So Far, So Close - Pejac

When you look closely at this circle you can see the tiny soldiers with guns. It's a clever piece as effectively they all seem to be fighting each other in an infinite trench - so who is the winner here? 

This delicate piece of art depicts a bird’s-eye view of a battle in an infinite trench. ‘‘Sometimes perceiving someone as a friend or foe is just a matter of perspective’’, Pejac comments in reference to his artistic rendition of the absurdity of combat. 


The Boss - Pejac

His shadow is made up of thousands of tiny figures, a metaphor perhaps for how every successful individual is made up of thousands of others working hard behind the scenes and rarely acknowledged? They look so vunerable on the ground, like ants he could squich with one footstep, yet he looks reflective - I wonder what he's thinking?