Cling Film Graffiti Art

Cling Film Artists

Sounds a bit random doesn't it, but I absolutely love it. Whilst researching a technique for work using clingfilm on watercolour (it's a very cool technique too!) I stumbled across this amazing artist called Ches Evgeny and the trend for creating large pieces of contemporary art or graffiti on clingfilm stretched between trees or posts or whatever you can stretch clingfilm between. 

Using spray paint the artist has been making amazing work in woodlands and in cities.

See all of the great work from Ches Evgeny on Facebook (he does more than just cling film art - he's a graffiti artist) I've shared a few of his amazing artworks below and also found some other artists who have been creating artwork with spray paints and clingfilm.

The artwork is temporary, it won't last more than a few weeks in the outdoors like this - especially in challenging conditions. So as long as the artist clears it away it's just a beautiful temporary piece of artwork.

I'm trying to find out where this emerged from but with just an hour to write this post my googling has not brought up any answers - please do comment or tweet me if you are the font of knowledge on this subject, it's such a great idea - I've seen clingfilm stretched in this way used in protests so perhaps that is how the idea came about for creating these temporary art installations.

I really like this one of a rat in the city... just in case you hadn't thought about how many were in the vicinity! I wonder if my local council would embrace this? I hope so.

British Cling Film Artists 

There are also British artists who have been creating artwork on clingfilm

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Follow Mr SCE on Instagram to see more of his great work - I love this robin!

This amazing ladybird is by Chris Broughton (I can't find him on social media - please message me on Twitter @craftbloggrow if you can so I can link back)

This face has been created by @skitsofrenis - imagine coming across these eyes in the dusk on your dog walk! 

Let me know if you have stumbled across any other Cling Film Artists I can add to this post, I think it's such a cool idea...  temporary art that doesn't impact the landscape long term.