Rock Balancing Art - Natural Pebble Arch Sculptures

The Art of Rock Balancing

I came across the artist David Allen of Stonepoint Studio and I've fallen in love with the beautifully simple pebble arches he builds on beaches and in rivers. At the end of this post there's a video from another rock balancing artist showing the process of building a beautiful natural arch from pebbles and stones.

I'm determined to try and make my own pebble sculpture.  He uses just friction and balance to keep it up, although it does say on his Facebook page (find it HERE) that he uses a form to help build them.

He calls this a 'Heartch' blending the words heart and arch, it's the perfect word for this beautiful pebble sculpture. As soon as I saw this I started thinking about where my closest pebble beach is... I bet it's not as easy as it looks to construct these amazing natural arches.

Seeing the stone circle shot against a starry sky somehow makes this stone circle look like it is from an ancient civilization. It reminds me of Stargate, the sci-fi programme where they jumped through space via large portals.

A pebble arch in a river - I wonder how long these last?

There's no real sense of scale to this pebble circle - it looks so dramatic against the blue sky, finding the right pebbles and stones must be quite a peaceful process.

I think this really simple little pebble arch is one of my favourites! I wonder how long he takes to find the perfect pebbles to create the arches?

About the Artist:

David Allen creates public Art installations for all to enjoy. Over 20 years of creative trade and art experience have contributed to his distinctive  style that combines  naturally occurring medium with various shapes, geometric patterns and forms.  This unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision come together to produce artwork that celebrates the beauty of natural medium in both an artistically creative and visually accurate form. As one observer stated simply, "You have the eye of the Artist and the hands of the Builder".

 Rock Balancing Art Video - Building an arch from pebbles

I hunted to see if there was a video from Dave Allen but couldn't find anything, I really wanted to see an arch being constructed and found this video below from Michael Grab of Gravity Glue - another amazing rock balancing artist - his work is equally as beautiful! I found myself scrolling through an image search of his website for ages - his focus is more on balancing stones on top of each other...  a kind of medative process.

I'm now going to add lots more rock balancing artists to my social feeds as seeing these beautiful images will definitely inspire me to get out and try creating a pebble arch for myself.