Craftivist Collective Handbook - Find out how to be a part of this amazing project!

I really wanted to draw your attention to this fabulous new project from Craftivist Collective!

Over to founder of the collective to explain more about the project! If you want to be a part of it head over to the Unbound website where you can be involved and be a part of change! - FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP

It sometimes feels like the only way to create change is to stand up and fight for the world we want to see. To march under giant banners and shout to have our voices heard. But if there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also need for the slow.

At Craftivist Collective we're helping to make a world where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. It's our hope that anyone from anywhere can use our unique Gentle Protest approach to craftivism (craft + activism) in a way that offers solutions, provokes thought and inspires action.

The Craftivist Collective Handbook is going to be a beautiful, hardback book of 20 craftivism projects and tools to help you on your journey as a positive and effective changemaker. Each project explains ‘How To’ create these ethical craftivism projects and just as importantly ‘Why To’ so that you can fulfil the potential of your campaign with both a strong strategy and mindful process.


Each project will be accompanied by wise words from Neuroscientist Dr Daniel Glaser as well as case studies and quotes from diverse craftivists around the world who have used our projects to create real positive change. Much of this handbook can be shaped or adapted for the issues you care about locally, nationally or internationally. 

The collection will include: 

  • Craftivism projects that you keep for yourself as physical memory devices to encourage yourself and loved ones to be part of the change you wish to see in our world
  • Craftivism projects that you make as bespoke gifts for power-holders and decision-makers to encourage them to be part of the solutions to injustice not part of the problem 
  • Craftivism projects that provoke thought and action in the public sphere, from passersby of your Street Craftivism, customers finding hidden messages in pockets of clothes they might purchase, to people interacting with installations you can create
  • How to set up your own effective gentle craftivism workshop/event 
  • Gentle Protest colours to use 
  • Gentle Protest language to use 
  • A code of conduct for your craftivist community to sign up to
  • And so much more!

We believe this book is needed now more than ever. That’s why we are making it with you through Unbound: experts in creating bespoke books for discerning audiences. As a crowdfunder of Craftivist Collective Handbook, you'll be investing in people all around the world – often introverts, burnt-out activists and people who feel alienated by other activist groups or tactics – who want to learn how to use their hands for positive societal change. 

By funding this project, you can also follow our journey behind the scenes and even tell us the kind of content you would find most helpful. We will be proud to include your name as a changemaker in the back of every copy. 

With your help we aim to have your special edition copy ready by Spring 2022. We’ve got some great, exclusive, ethically-made rewards too that we think you’ll love. 

Come join us in making hope possible rather than despair convincing! FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP


‘Craft can provide a valuable method of self-reflection and meditation. In an age where our views are polarised, I’ve experienced personally how the Craftivist Collective allows people the gentle space to engage in their own views while they create something meaningful, and this book is a vital guide to understanding that process.’ 

JAMIE CHALMERS, Founder of MrXStitch magazine and

‘I'm a big fan of the Craftivist Collective and this handbook is needed now more than ever: Sarah offers a refreshing, mindful approach to activism that will appeal to avid crafters and novices alike.’ 

TILLY WALNES, Founder of Tilly and the Buttons

‘I have supported Sarah’s incredible work through the magazines I’ve edited for a decade. This will be such an important book for the times we live in, such a useful tool for craftivists, activists and audiences new to changemaking around the world that compliments her other books. It’s also something I am so proud to be a part of.’ 

LARA WATSON, former magazine editor of Mollie MakesOh Comely and Project Calm

‘Sarah’s is a thoughtful, empowering and inspiring approach to activism that works. This book is a great gift to the diverse global craft audience.’

MOMTAZ BEGUM-HOSSAIN, award-winning journalist, author and craft expert.

‘Unbound are delighted to be working with Sarah again. In her last book she introduced us to the philosophy of ‘gentle protest. Now she’s back with a book that shows us all how to actually change the world (complete with a step-by-step by guide). Personally, I could not be more excited!’

JOHN MITCHINSON, Co-Founder and Publisher of Unbound