Unique Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters look beautiful hung in front of a window and mean that you're not taking up window sill space with plant posts. I recently visited my brother and he has a monkey cup plant hanging in his bathroom, but it's still in the black plasic pot...  so I thought I'd have a look at some alternatives.

This clay hanging planter is from Darthome - this would look very pretty hanging in a bathroom window. This is how I imagine a hanging planter when I picture one in my minds eye.... although mine would have a spider plant in it... I must have some memory of hanging planters from somewhere but can't pinpoint whose house it is I've seen them in.

This contemporary metal hanger is from Glyphs Studio - wondering if I could live in such a minimalist space - the hanger would look good in the garden too if you had a bracket for it.

has an amazing range of ceramic plant pots, including this pretty hanging plant pot. Well worth having a look around the whole shop for a design that suits your home.

I love these laser cut hanging plant pot holders - they're made by Janeway Lasers and there's a few different shapes to choose from.

This striking design comes from Yuval Tzur - it's a simple design but looks great.

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