Natural Stone Garden Seating Ideas

natural stone seating ideas

Natural stone garden seating ideas

Adding natural stone seating to your garden can look wonderful and keep your garden space looking beautifully natural. The beauty of stone is that it will never rot, you just need to manage the moss and the foliage surrounding it. You can update it in the summer with new cushion covers and in the winter it will go back to being a part of the environment, the more subtle the better in my opinion.

In my mother's garden, we had a huge bench made from a big slab of rock which has over the years been covered by foliage then uncovered on a cyclical basis. There's a fun story about how it got moved into its final position too, involving a lot of help as you can imagine.  It always looks a little nude when it's had a chop back - I'll add a photo of the bench to this post once I've trawled back through my photos to find one...

Natural Stone Seating 

I've created a Pinterest board full of ideas which is embedded below and I'll add to them as I find more - so do please follow my board. These three are my favourites... a few ideas for adding natural garden seating areas, informal garden seating that won't jar with your planting and the natural look of your garden. The main difficulty is moving the large slabs of rock and stone.

I absolutely love this stone garden chair! I can't find the creator of this chair, but it looks as if it's been made from concrete and natural stone, the seat and back look just like cushions you'd find in any living room, a really fun idea and a great focus for the garden.

Simple stone seat - this blends in beautifully with those wild looking ferns.

This idea shows that just adding a cushion can transform a big stone into a seat - meaning that in winter the garden goes back to looking entirely natural. (image credit)

Natural Stone Seating Pinterest Board

Head over to my natural stone seating ideas Pinterest board for more ideas.