Pine Cone Elves

Pine Cone Elves

Really nice Christmas tree decorations can be expensive, but they don't need to be if you make a few of them yourself.

I love pine cones, they make brilliant firelighters, they're free if you live near a pine tree, they even tell you whether it's going to rain or not (I can't quite remember how they do that though?)  These little Pine Cone Elves are such a fab idea and they'll cost you a little felt and a bag of wooden balls - a couple of quid for around 50 little wooden balls!

I also use pine cones as they are, they make handy clips to keep the Christmas tree wires tucked in on my tree.

I have pinecones all around the house at Christmas, in bowls with baubles and pretty much just scatter them around so my house feels a bit more Narnia!

Pine Cone Elves

These little pine cone elves look very happy! They're created by EAB Designs.

Pine cone elves... so simple to make! These are by Kaniko on Etsy

Little pine cone gnomes, these would look sweet under the tree or hanging! These are from the blog We Bloom Here

Martha Stewart has a fabulous pine cone elf project!

Lia Griffith has created this brilliant step by step tutorial for creating little pine cone elves, see more pics over on her website