Easter Craft Ideas - little handmade gifts

Are you looking for some cute Easter craft ideas to make this year? For the last few years I've made some little DIY Easter craft projects as gifts.  I like anything I can fill with little chocolate eggs as that always goes down very well with the kids and adults too if you go for some good quality chocolate.

The last few years I've used my big stash of felt squares to make little easter gift bags.

In 2015 I made lots of these little felt bunnies.  they're really easy to make you just cut a rectangle and on one side add the bunny ear shapes.  I added some pretty fabric for the insides of the ears too. Then sew up the sides and add a little nose (I decided it was better without eyes too) Fill with some mini eggs and tie a little bow around to close it up.  

Last year I made these little felt carrots, it's a really simple idea and the carrots look more realistic if you sew random white threads on them. I filled them with chocolate eggs for all the easter bunnies.

My Favourite Easter Craft Tutorials

I've been on the hunt for easter craft ideas for me to make this year!  

The brief for my easter gifts this year - 
  • Must be able to fill them with mini eggs...  not negotiable!
  • Must be fairly easy to make, or have a really good step by step tutorial!
  • Not expensive to make! 
I've got my sketchbook out doodling some ideas.  I've also found some great easter craft ideas on Pinterest that suit my style, I will add more as I find them.

Please leave a comment with a link or description if you have any favourites you know of that fit my brief!

Mini Easter Egg Basket crochet pattern - I can crochet, I'm not amazing at it but this looks pretty straightforward!  Not much room for eggs, maybe I could make them a bit bigger!

Easter chick from an egg carton - I just think these are cute AND I have some perfect orange card left over from Halloween! I keep my own chickens so I also have some really clean egg boxes.  Only downside is they wont hold many eggs - would be good on a plate setting though!

Little sleeping bunny bags  These look really easy to sew up and I'm pretty sure I have everything in my stash to make them so they definitely tick the inexpensive box!