5 Stunningly Creative Ways To Wrap Gifts This Christmas

It’s often an afterthought; choosing a unique way to wrap presents at Christmas - But not anymore. Once you’ve finished browsing these 5 creative ways to finish off your gifts this year, the once boring boxes underneath your tree, will never be the same again.

The Cut Out

Inspiration and image credit: HomeEdit
Here’s an extremely quick and easy way to spruce up that plain paper you’ve been hoarding since Xmas ‘13. Simply draw a symmetrical shape onto a piece of card - Think Christmas tree or santa beard. Cut the shape out and fold in half. Use this shape as a template to draw on the reverse of your wrapping paper. Using a craft knife (Or very carefully with scissors), cut along the shape you’ve drawn - NOT along the fold line though! Now simply half fold out the shape to achieve a similar style as below:

Funky Gift Bag Modification

Inspiration and image credit: Fly Fresh Forever
This is the kind of gift wrap that will end up outshining the present! Why not take the gift bag you received from the office secret santa and turn it into an awesome little body shaped bag.
Tip for increased personalisation: Make mini caricatures of your family. Pop on a little cardigan design for your grandad or a peppa pig t-shirt for your young niece.

Vintage Twist - The Artisan Paint Fleck

Inspiration and image credit: Apartment Therapy
We love this simple yet effective way to take simple vintage craft paper and turn it into something striking this christmas
++ It’ll only take 2 minutes to do - Just be careful not to get paint on the carpet!
Simply peg up a large sheet of brown craft paper on the washing line. Take some thinly diluted paint (left over from the side of the house you forgot to paint this summer), and using a sponge or large paint brush, flick the paint across the sheets - Keep it mono-coloured for a classy outcome. You can order a few sheets of brown craft paper here

The All Out Gift Wrapped Extravaganza!

Inspiration and image credit: Karen - The Art Of Doing Stuff
Like a nativity play on a box, our next recommendation is not for the novice - However, if you can pull it off, or just want a cool project this sunday. Then why not try your hand at creating this boxy masterpiece.
Further inspo: How about making an ice-skating pond theme, using a similar design, but adding some blue paint and two black lines for skate tracks.

The Complementary Palette

Inspiration and image credit: Wrap This Up
So how about keeping it simple you ask? - No fear. This following suggestion will make wrapping beautiful presents effortless. Grab yourself a wrapping paper kit from WrapThisUp and take the guess work out of choosing perfectly coordinated paper, twine and tags.
So there you have it; 5 great ways to wrap your presents up this Christmas.
Have you got some ideas to share? Why not comment below with a picture of your gift wrapped masterpiece…

Merry Christmas X
This post was written by Rory Orchard of Wrap This Up!