DIY Hot Chilli Sauce

At the beginning of the year I planted chillies in my greenhouse and over the last month they have been ripening to a beautiful bright red (read my tips for growing chillies

With more than enough for cooking, I decided to make a hot chilli sauce because I add hot sauce to so many dishes, it's quite addictive.

Here you can see the chilli plants growing amongst a sea of basil - the smell is amazing.  they're growing in a wicking bed which means I don't need to worry about watering too often.  You can find out how to make your own on a recent post of mine - DIY Wicking Beds

I was recently sent this pack of Posca paint pens to review and I knew exactly what they would be perfect for - labelling the glass jars for my hot chilli sauce!

The jars look fab! Sadly though I used far too many chillies and as a result the first batch I made with just white wine vinegar mixed with roasted onions and chillies was practically inedible it was so hot, so I've cut it down with tomatoes to a hot and then even more tomatoes for a medium hot.

I'm going to dry the next pick of chillies and make chilli salt - another of my favourites.

I've put lots in the freezer as the sauce doesn't have a really long shelf life.  Any advice on making sauce that will last for a year would be much appreciated as if it's the very hot stuff you only use a little at a time so a bottle can easily last a few months.

The jars look great, I particularly like the little cheap herb and spice jars from Poundland (2 for £1).

The paint pens worked beautifully on the glass jars, the only problem was trying to keep them away from the kids who wanted to decorate practically everything!

Find out more about these pens on the Uniball website - Posca Paint Pens