How to be a Craftivist

A motivational print by the Craftivist Collective, hand finished with a stitch - Work with head, heart and hands

Be a part of something really exciting...

Please watch this video and find out how you can be a part of something really exciting and potentially world changing.

Sarah is promoting CRAFTIVISM in a new book she is writing 'How to be a Craftivist' after the amazing success of her book A Little book of Craftivism.

Craftivism is a way to gently campaign against the injustices of the world.  From getting huge companies to pay a proper living wage to drawing attention to the issue of loneliness, to ending child poverty.

Craftivism is a thoughtful approach to activism in a world where often it seems the people who get heard are those who shout the loudest.  It's about getting your message to change makers and politicians in a way that they can't forget, whether that's an issue in your local community that needs action or a global problem like our clothes being made in sweatshops.

Sarah the founder of the Craftivist Collective explains it best in this video - 

You can be a part of the change by backing this book, from as little as £10 

Wouldn't you love to get a copy of this book, something that really matters and a way you could use your talents to make a difference.   I've already pledged and I'm very proud to have taken part in a project with Sarah - you can read all about that here - "I'm a Piece - Jigsaw Project"

Sarah has reached her goal on Unbound but you can still help and be a part of this book.

Find out more here - How to be a Craftivist