You can't buy Christmas in a store...

I just made up this little graphic because sometimes the commercial aspect of Christmas really gets me down!  I'm not a religious person but I celebrate Christmas as a time for the family to get together and for lots of smiles and yes we exchange gifts too and the kids look forward to opening little stockings (handmade of course!).

Expensive presents don't equate to love and it's sad that we have kids that grow up to expect £100's of gifts and parents that feel they are not good enough if they can't afford £100's to spend on their kids. 

I don't have the answers, I know it's not easy but I know that my kids and family (I hope) do not ever use price tags to measure how much I love them - I try to drum this into them, it's hard when they truly believe they 'need' an Iphone6 or Xbox etc

If you have a little extra to spend this year Save the Children have a Christmas Appeal here.  The UK Governement will be matching donations £ for £ so you can really double the impact of your donation to a child who will wake up sick with hunger on christmas morning.