Turned - A collection of carved wooden birds

I just stumbled across these delightful carved birds.  They're so beautiful and look really tactile and smooth... I want them all.

Here's a little about the maker and this little collection called 'Turned' - visit the website Hem here to find out more and see lots of other nice pieces.

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland’s twin obsessions—nature and sustainability—collide in Turned, his adorable collection of carved wooden birds. Taking a single piece of leftover mahogany, Fjetland brings these charming little things to life by way of a lathe. The turning process he uses in manufacture combines with the idea of the regeneration of a discarded piece of wood to inspire the collection’s name.

A little carved Kiwi in Oak

A Penguin in Mahogony

A pigeon in Walnut

An Owl in Oak