Summmer House Makeover

This summer has been a busy one.  We're building a chicken coop, making a cider press, trying to work out what to do with kilos of beans, plums, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies, wondering why our courgettes didn't grow, trying to entertain kids whilst working full time (mostly the beach!) and also we've built a summer house.

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We were gifted an old summer house when my sister was clearing her garden and although not quite finished we are well on the way to bringing it back to it's former glory.  It's looking lovely nestled in at the back of the garden.

Summerhouse Makeover

We had to create a slab for the base, and also repair quite a few of the sections which had got rotten from a flood a few years ago.  We painted the back with a good wood preservative (we used this one)
The slab looks a bit messy, but you won't actually see this once it's finished as we will add a self leveling screed and tile the inside, it's just to ensure it won't get damp and rot.

As you can see the wood was in pretty bad condition 

We chose some nice garden paint from Homebase in 'Pebble' - we have lots of space in the greenhouse so were able to paint despite all the rain we've had.  The colour looks great as it's not too bright and blends in well into it's surroundings.  

The inside is next to do, it will be painted with 'Almond Essence', a pretty just off white colour. We will also be making a bench in there with some cushions made from this pretty selection of Fat Quarters from Izabella Peters which go really well with the Pebble colour.

The summer house is nestled in among the apple and plum trees, so we can sit in there, have a coffee and watch all the little birds hopping about - as well as planning what to do with all the fruit!  That's the plan, it should be finished in a few weeks, in time for an Indian Summer...  (crosses fingers!)