Learn To Knit Today!

Learn to Knit Today! Go on...  give it a go :)

I love knitting - if you've never tried it before then take a look at this brilliant infographic. This Learn to Knit infographic covers all the basics of getting started with knitting, from which needles to use, casting on, basic knitting stitches and casting off. 

Once you've mastered the basics you will be hooked...  Stick with it, while it's fiddly at first soon it becomes embedded into your muscle memory how to hold the needles and yarn to get the right tension.  You'll also find it's a great way to relieve tension as it's such a relaxing thing to do, there's something about knitting, stitching and crochet that enables you to push away all those stressful things buzzing about in your brain and just focus on what your hands are doing.  They should probably prescribe craft supplies on the NHS!  

Your local charity shop is the best place to go to get a beginners ball of yarn and some needles for next to nothing. Go on, knit yourself a scarf :)