Upcycled Patchwork Deck Chair Cover

It's not often I get enough time for sewing, but I'm very proud to show you how I took some old (and very much loved) scraps of fabric and created this pretty patchwork deckchair cover.

My new deckchair cover is NOT a perfect example of patchwork but I love it as it's made from fabric that has real meaning to me and looks fab in my jungle garden.

The original cover was just a plain canvas - dull!  I wanted something floral so had a look in my fabric stash.

I decided to use an old Liberty Print shirt belonging to my mother (you may remember I used that to make this little purse too) and also two of my daughters old skirts from when she was about 6 - they were threadbare in places otherwise I would have sent them off to a charity shop.  Plus I had a fat quarter of fabric spare from a project a few years ago, which blended in nicely.

When I look at it now I think of my mum and my daughter.  Upcycling using fabric from favourite clothes is a great way to personalise an item.

The size of the squares was decided by the fabric I had, I am not a patchwork expert and I'm also not very good at cutting - I need one of those fancy quilting rotary cutters.

I stitched them all up together and added a canvas backing and surround.  I made loops at the ends for the deckchair rods - these were double stitched as this is what takes all the weight. 

You can't please everyone!

(The deckchair was supplied by Ocean as part of their upcycle challenge)