Crochet Flip Flop Pattern

Crochet Flip Flops!!! I love them, not sure how they will cope with water, I'm dreaming of hot summer evenings when I'm wearing my own pair of handmade crochet flip flops... and I'm picking which colour to have them in, as I plan to make loads of these! Can someone order me a free weekend for crafting please - does anyone else ever get a little bit carried away when they see a gorgeous new pattern! :)

The pattern is available here on Etsy - from Tia Murray of Mammachee - she says "My dream is to be able to stay home all day with my husband and kids, working together as a family. With the help from etsy and you lovely buyers on etsy, this has been able to come true for me....and I am so thankful!"

Sounds like the perfect life to me - I'm lucky enough to work from home with my partner and so we see lots of our kids, so I know how she feels.  If you'd like any help with your Craft Shop marketing take a look at the social media and promotional tips on my site and please do leave a comment if you have any questions!