Ebola Crisis Appeal

I just heard these words on the radio with news that Bob Geldoff is releasing a new charity single version of 'Feed the World' - his words were incredibly powerful and really stirred me,  I copied them down so I could share them.

...it renders humans untouchable, mothers cannot comfort their children in their dying hours, lovers can't cradle each other, wives cannot hold their husbands hands...  They are dying because they are extremely poor...

I know this is not craft related but I wanted to share what he said.  This really is a horrific disease that is not being managed and contained because they need more money - they are dying of ebola,  but they are also dying because they are poor and do not have the medical facilities we have to contain the disease.  We can help, even if just a few quid that we might spend on some craft supplies we donate instead.

To donate please go to  - http://www.dec.org.uk/appeals/ebola-crisis-appeal

(this is an organisation which unites charities in times of emergency)