Show Your Work - Austin Kleon

I came across a lovely book called 'Show Your Work' aimed at artists and designers about 'getting your work discovered' whilst browsing on Pinterest and just had to share some of the pages the author has shared - they really jumped out at me, I guess it's the white on black, it makes a message seem ultra clear!  No wonder this is a best selling book!

The author Austin Kleon, has created 10 important points to follow in order to get your work noticed - with the big idea of the book being that work is about process, not product. Through sharing your processes you can gain huge interest in your work, a following which grows exponentially and which you can use for "fellowship, feedback or patronage" as Austin says.

I picked a few of my favourite images out from his Pinterest board and I also just ordered the book myself (a little splurge!) - I'll let you know more once I've had a read (It should be delivered tomorrow!)  I'm hoping it will compliment a lot of my own theories on getting discovered and selling crafts online but I'm always open to learning new concepts and ideas and it looks like a nice book to have on my shelf (I also ordered his other book which looks equally interesting!)

Pizza Slice?

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