Take amazing photographs of your craft! - Introducing "The Lightcase"

This could be one of the best kickstarter projects I have seen in a long time! I get quite a few emails asking me to share products, this one I had to share with you - it could revolutionise your craft photography!  Better product photography = more chance of sales - so this is perfect if you are selling your crafts online! (and great for people just blogging about their crafts too!)

The Lightcase by Dominic Crinson and Brenna Jensen!

Lightcase is a pop up photo studio that allows you to photograph small objects quickly & professionally using a smartphone - that's it, a simple concept but look at the results...

This simple creation could revolutionise your craft photography! (If it's successful Dominic and Brenna will also be introducing a larger version)

Lightcase is basically a mini photographic studio that gives you a quick, affordable and low-tech way to get clear, sharp and well lit photos. Dominic and Brenna have designed it especially for creatives selling in the various online marketplaces such as Etsy, Folksy, Made it, Zibbet, Ebay... but it's also a great tool for bloggers and for social marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and just about anywhere you need great photos of what you do.

If you would like a Lightcase for your own product photography get over to Dominic and Brenna's Lightcase kickstarter page to see exactly how it works and all the features - lets collectively support him in bringing the lightcase to market! I will definitely be buying one!

It just pops up - no clunky storage requirements or Heath Robinson style solutions for getting an even natural looking lighting to your products with a clean white background.  It costs £22 - the early bird price (RRP is £35)

I think it's well worth it and I am backing this kickstarter project, just because I want to see people taking better photographs of their work! (not being paid to say that either - it's a subject I'm passionate about as good clear photography is one of the vital elements of marketing your crafts online!)