Is Your Facebook Page Safe from Hackers?

Facebook Page Hacked

Facebook Page Hacking

I was on the U Create site looking at this post - it's quite shocking. She explains how her Facebook page was hacked and she lost 140K fans - just like that, 5 years of work. Could this happen to you - yes it could, it can happen to anyone!

Luckily she has managed to get the page back but it took hard work to get through to anyone at Facebook.  If your Facebook page has been hacked fill in this form to submit to Facebook.

The big take away message is Keep your passwords regularly updated and don't use one password for all your accounts - they could access every one of your social media accounts!

How to Future Proof your Social Media Accounts

Social media is great for traffic and engagement with your blog or brand.  However,  if your account is compromised or you are banned or blocked for whatever reason, mistaken identity, being hacked or the network goes belly up then you have lost all of the connections and there's no guarantee you'll get them back. 

I advise building up your own database by regularly inviting fans on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media accounts to sign up for your newsletter.  That way you are future proofing your brand - no one can take away your email list, you just need to back it up!  

Use a programme like mailchimp to send newsletters and build sign up forms - it's as easy as writing a blog post.  Sending a round up of links to your recent blog posts or some pics of what you're working on - keep it light and friendly and track who's opening your posts using the useful reports. You want people to enjoy your newsletter and not leave it unopened in a spam folder - sharing competitions or special offers every now and again will keep their interest!

How often do you update your passwords?
What kind of newsletters do you like to receive?

I'd love to hear your comments :)

Also spotted this from  U Create - had to share it with you all!  What a great pun :)