Reverse Image Search - How to always give the original artist credit! (no excuses, it's easy!)

owl bias tape
Pretty Wise Owl Bias Tape - UK Craft Supplies

I'm always finding images of crafts I love on Pinterest and Facebook, but often the link didn't go through to the original image or there is no link at all.  This doesn't mean you should just share the image anyway (I know it's so easy to click and I admit I've done it myself in the past) You can track down the original image using the Google reverse image search and it's pretty quick and easy to do so no excuses. 

I've mentioned this to a few people recently who didn't know you can search by image (as opposed to searching by text for an image), so thought I'd share this very quick tutorial.  It's not 100% effective but in most cases I have found the original artist and been able to credit them.

So how do you track down original images?  

There are two ways I use to track down the owner of the image.

You can use the free programme TineEye (which is really useful) or you can simply use the Google reverse image search.

Right Click on the Image

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox on most images you can simply right click on the image and use the 'search Google for this image' option.

Here is how to Search for the original image with Google

You need to copy the image address know as the 'url'.

In Chrome right click the image and it is under "Copy Image URL"
In Explorer you right click and then click 'properties' then you need to copy the address url
In Firefox right click and click on "Copy Image Location"

Now open up a google image search - and click on the camera before pasting in the url.  
You should see this screen
Paste in your image or if you have saved it to your computer you can upload it.  Hit search and you should hopefully find the original image.

I hope you're inspired to always add a credit to images! If you spot a site that hasn't why not so a reverse image search and add the link in the comments or share this with them...  kind of like guerilla crediting!