Creative Packaging Supplies and 6 useful packaging tips for craft sellers!

packaging supplies for craft sellers

I love getting parcels from craft sellers - they are almost always beautifully wrapped with lots of attention to detail. If you are thinking of opening up a shop consider how you will package and wrap your orders.

I'd love to hear how you wrap up your crafts when sending them out to customers - leave a comment and let us know! 

6 Packaging Tips for Craft Sellers

  1. Branding - your packaging should reflect (or compliment) your ethos and the style of your products. For example ultra bright products may be best packaged simply with white tissue so the colours really pop when the parcel is opened, organic products should also be packaged using organic packaging supplies.
  2. Little Details make a big difference - you don;t have to spend a fortune, but the little details you add that show how much you care are always appreciated and could result in a repeat purchase or a mention on a social network or to a friend.
  3. Freebies - see above point! - little branded freebies like badges, pencils, stickers or whatever your creativity can think of are always a winner.  Lots of people buy items as gifts, so if they have a little freebie they can keep for themselves (with your shop name or logo on it) then they will be chuffed! Just be sure they don't increase postage costs too much - and remember you still need to make a profit!
  4. Photograph your packaging - Describe and add a picture of what your wrapped parcels look like - it can be the final little push an online buyer needs to make the purchase.
  5. Time - having gorgeous packaging is great but it shouldn't take you longer to wrap your work than to make it! Packaging needs to be a streamlined process, so keep everything you need to hand and also in stock, running out of packaging supplies can delay you shipping a parcel and that could impact on your buyers feedback.
  6. Product Safety - things get nabbed in the post they also get smashed up - make sure your outer packaging is sturdy and not too 'exciting' looking.  Let them be wowed by the inner packaging.

Also see my latest Pinterest Board - "Craft Seller Packaging Ideas" - I'm pinning all the pics of beautifully wrapped parcels I find, lots of creative ideas for wrapping your work

Share a link (or picture) in the comments with pics of how your own work looks all beautifully packaged when you send it to a customer - would love to see them!

There are lots of products available to make your parcels look fab but do remember your profit margins - buying things in bulk or job lots can help keep costs down.

Brown String - one of my favourite things!

Mini Clothes pegs - great for attaching paperwork or clipping on a gift tag

Simple kraft tags stamped with a "Thank You" stamp look great

 Hope you are sending out lots of packages - if you aren't take a peep at some of my online marketing tips for craft sellers!