Code for 20 Free Etsy Listings when you set up a new shop!

20 Free Listings when you open an Etsy Shop in February 2014!

Etsy have given me a special discount code to share here on the blog enabling any one that sets up a new Etsy shop in February 20 free listings.

By going to and entering the code NEWYEARNEWYOU, you can get started on your Etsy shop right now and place the first 20 products online for free! The offer is valid for the entire month of February (so better hurry!) and is valid for one use per new seller.
Open your free Etsy shop today!

This means you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Almost everything you need to know about selling your products on Etsy is listed here in the Etsy Seller Handbook Archive.

It's a huge archive of articles and advice for Etsy Sellers who really want their shop to succeed.  You can also read lots of advice here for creating a great craft blog to promote your Etsy shop - have a browse, or post me a comment below if you have a specific question about blogging, social media or promoting & marketing your Etsy shop online.