Beautiful and Quirky Craft Supplies Shop with over 15000 sales on Etsy!

quirky craft supplies shop uk
I wanted to share this lovely Etsy shop based in Plymouth! Pictures speak much louder than words - stamps, string and lots of useful bits and pices for creating really unique packaging.  Riky and Nina have created beautifully branded images with the stylised photography of all of their listings, they've really taken advantage of using a narrow depth of field to make the sharp focus details pop out - take note, it clearly works as this shop has over 15,000 sales!

Photography and branding are so important - click here for links to craft photography advice - especially if you have no idea what 'depth of field' means :)

"hello. we are riky and nina. we love kitsch unusual...  we bring you beautiful, colourful lifestyle items and hard to find eco friendly craft supplies plus our very own handmade supplies!"

It all looks beautiful doesn't it! I want to buy everything in the shop - especially the stamps :)

beautiful ball of string
alphabet stamps
spool of cotton with paper bird
clock stamp - cinq
retro camera stamp
retro camera stamp
bobbin and pretty ribbon with owl

Click the images to go to Riky and Nina :)