Quickie Craft Blog Post Ideas and links to useful bookmarklets

Where does the time go?

Do you always seem to run out of time and end up not getting round to writing up or finishing blog posts, always with the promise you'll write it tomorrow?
Try sharing Quickie Posts!

I've shared links to some really useful 'bookmarklets' to help with sharing quickie posts at the end of the post. They are so useful!

Whilst I always stress that you should post quality blog content about your crafts and craft business (as you need text to help with seo) this doesn't mean it has to be an essay. In fact you can make a post no longer than a Facebook post or tweet!

Posting regularly keeps your blog active which has some great benefits for the health of your blog:
  • Psychological - It stops you resenting time spent blogging and it helps to stop those pangs of guilt about not posting. Long blogging breaks can ultimately end in a craft blogger just abandoning their blog because they feel it has been "soooo long". 
  • People will see your blog more often in their RSS readers, twitter feeds, facebook pages. 
  • Search engine robots will visit more often if your blog is updated regularly. 
  • They add variety to your blog 
  • Shareable images will help get your blog pinned and repinned on Pinterest.
So if you have a spare 10 minutes you could easily schedule 2 quickie blog posts!

What to post?

Images, videos, questions...

You can share anything, just don't get too involved in it. Simply paste it into your blog, add a quick one line caption or question and voila.

It could be a fab Etsy find, like the quote I found above from Jen Roffe - or it could be something you have spotted on Pinterest, you tube or anywhere. Just be sure to add a credit to the original source and/or a 'via' to credit the website you found it on.

Open your eyes and see the beauty! - great brooch from Irene Renon

Think Ahead! Finding the right quickie blog content...

Every time you see an image or video that you think is perfect for a blog post save it somewhere, ready to share when you have a moment.

The best thing to do would be to set up a private pinterest board full of ideas for future blog posts, great for quickie posts and more meaty content. Or use the bookmarklets for quickly sharing blog posts - I've added links at the end.

Here are the basics for creating private pinterest boards. I find them immensley useful for my client work.

Original Images

Use your own images too. It doesn't have to be an entire step by step tutorial, just show a sneak peak of a work in progress - as long as it's a good picture, well lit and in sharp focus then it doesn't matter what you have used to take it with. See tips here on great craft photography

Often people take a photo of their latest work and instantly add to their Facebook page or Pinterest Boards. Stop! - Instead add to a blog post and then share it with the link to your blog post - your image is then even more likely to be found by search engines, you have created a blog post and this will only take 5 minutes longer!

For example this quickie post of an embossed rolling pin has had well over 500 clicks and took me about 10 minutes.

Imagination rules the World! I love this quote - we all need to use our imagination and our bright ideas to make things work for ourselves and for the bigger picture!

Even Quicker 'Quickie' Blog Posts


If you want to post quick posts to your blogger blog use the 'Blog This' bookmarklet which you can install really quickly onto Chrome. If you don't use chrome try dragging the 'blog this' link at the bottom of this help page or search for 'blog this' along with your browser name.  You just click when you are on a website that you want to share in a post.


If you have a Wordpress blog you can install - Press this - it's very simple, you click a button in your bookmarks and it will take an image and a link and add it to a draft post, just the same as blog this - very similar to the Pinterest bookmarklet.


Use the tumblr bookmarklet - you can get it here, does exactly the same, it quickly captures links and images and shares to your tumblr blog.

Do you write quickie blog posts? Share a link to your latest or favourite quickie post below, we'd love to see some ideas.