How to find Facebook pages 'similar to' YOUR OWN PAGE! (according to Facebook!)

You know the 'Pages you may like' messages that Facebook flashes up when you like a page? Have you ever wondered what Facebook flashes up when someone likes your page?

They've been around for quite some time. However, if you aren't familiar with them, they look a bit like this image below - you like a page then it drops down a list of other pages you might like.  Or if you like a page directly from your news feed it lists about 3 pages below that you might like.

So obviously they have some clever way of working it out. No doubt there may be some advertising revenue involved somewhere...  I haven't found a way to pay to be there in Facebooks advertising though.. maybe something for the future - but I think it would be controversial!

I'm sure you'd like to know what Facebook pages it flashes up when someone likes your page. Especially if you have paid for advertising to get new likes - or worked very hard bringing visitors to your blog and then inviting them to like your page.

Wouldn't it be a pain if Facebook advertises one of your competitors...  ?  Maybe the new 'watching' feature is a way they can identify who you think is a competitor...  it's all very interesting to a social media manager like me!

I found out how to see them (instructions below) - PLEASE please tell me if there is a link on your page or in the dashboard somewhere, I've searched everywhere and googled and could not find how to do this anywhere! - other than this method I've just worked out - which is pretty simple but could be less clunky!

You can do this for any page on Facebook (without waiting for Facebook to randomly pop the info up) It could be useful to find pages when you are working on your page to page networking!  That is finding complimentary pages to your own, not competitors but a page which may share the same audience you can network with.

Here are the pages that Facebook thinks are similar to mine, I'm quite happy with these - I hoped that my page may pop up when you check these pages - but tested and it didn't, is this because it's my page?  I'll do some further testing...

Here's how to find out pages that Facebook thinks are 'similar to' your page.  

First of all you need to find out your page ID - the easiest way is to paste your facebook url (mine for example is )

into this website -

Next look at the url address below - this is from my own similar to Craft Blog UK page - click it and you'll see!

You need to delete the long number (that's my page id) at the end and replace it with your own page id.

Then paste the url it in to your browsers address bar and voila all the pages similar to your own on Facebook will come up.

You can also turn this feature off just in case there are pages you really don't want people to see when they like your page! Go to your page dashboard, then go to Edit Settings, and you'll see the option near the bottom.

However!  Look how it is worded - you are not turning off suggestions on your page but the whole thing, meaning you wont benefit from your page being suggested to others.

Have any of you started 'watching' other pages yet - it's quite fascinating seeing how many likes your page gets compared to those similar to yours.