Have a Fruity Christmas this year!

Father Christmas Strawberries and Cream - Possibly the best use of a strawberry ever!  Recipe on Leanne Bakes blog here and another recipe with step by step images here on Fresh from Florida blog.

If you want to see more check out this Strawberry Father Christmas Image search - there are 1000's of them!

My kids would devour this fruit Christmas tree in no time - but also perfect for bringing out with the cheese board! Instructions over on Ginger and Garlic

Simple! Clementine snowman complete with liquorice scarf! Instructions here

This time the strawberries are Christmas trees! Recipe here

Also spied these Candle cups / Votives made from oranges - bet they smell nice too - details here
and on a fruity theme, found these fab fruity christmas cards too! They're available on Etsy from HW Prints and Designs based in Worcester

 x Hilary :)
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