Apply for Great British Bake Off Series 5 now!

I got an email from the people that promote this asking me to share with you all that they are looking for contestants for 2014 (crafty people, of course, often enjoy baking and they tend to like bunting too!)

My daughters role model (she tells me) is Mary Berry - seriously she loves her, she says you can keep your Nicole Shirtswingers and Miley Cyrus's, it's all Opera Cakes and Charlotte Royals as far as she's concerned.  Long may that continue, so very happy to share this here.

Please get your application in for series 5 for 2014 - it'd be great to see another haberdashery biscuit tower!

Fancy being in the Class of 2014?
All applications must be received by the 10th January 2014.
See more on the bake off website here 

x Hilary :) .