Pretty Fabric Scrap Projects

I do like pretty floral fabrics - especially Liberty prints - we had a liberty print sofa back in the 80's when I was a kid, I think that may have started it all off!

I'm currently building up a Pinterest board with projects to make from fabric scraps - most of us will keep the really pretty scraps no matter how small because often the fabric is not just beautiful but costs a great deal - it's a shame not to use them for something and often a quilt can seem a bit overwhelming.

Projects like this little tree decoration on the Liberty Craft Blog (where else!), it's made using a few little fabric scraps, cotton reels, buttons and ribbon from your stash -  Cotton Reel Christmas Tree

Or how about this  Liberty print Christmas stocking tutorial! Where they have added pretty details without using huge quantities of expensive fabric.

Head over to the Fabric Scraps Project Pinterest board to see all the projects we have found and take a look below at these Etsy shops that sell little (and not so little) scrap pack bundles.

A little variety bag will come in useful to add a quality details to your larger projects too (these shops are all based in the UK - buy locally where you can - no point sending fabric scraps half way around the world!

This fabric shop is full of Liberty Fabric - very tempting, but they also do this little scrap pack!

Sarah Waterhouse has these beautiful colour coordinated bundles of fabric - all hand printed. Not exactly scraps but I had to include them.

Or how about "The Ultimate Liberty print Scrap Pack" - In this bundle you get 80 different fabrics! (It's not cheap but it's on my Christmas wish list!!!)

What do you do with your scraps, leave a comment and let us know! I wondered about fabric scrap swaps - like seed and veg swaps when you have a bit of a glut!

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