Add Floating Share Buttons - Smart Layers from Add This

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Have you recently seen lots of Blogs and websites with a sharing panel on the left or right hand side of their website?  I've just installed them (look left!) and I think they look great - go on have a play!

The buttons are in a fixed position so that when you scroll they don't move - they also adapt to screen size and look great on an ipad/tablet/mobile, where the sharing buttons drop to the bottom of the screen and transform into two strong calls to action - follow or share.

It also adds little social icons to the very top right of your screen and there are other features which will help to remind visitors to share and look at other posts on your site - keeping people on the site and getting people sharing is important as it shows your content is relevant and if they have arrived via a Google search this will be duly noted and will give you a little boost in the rankings.

How to add floating social sharing icons

It's easy to add this to your own site - they are called 'Smart Layers' from Add this and they do everything for you to create the code you simply have to drop it into your blogs template or click a button to auto install on blogger or wordpress.

Head over to 'Add This' to register - I was already using them for the sharing buttons beneath my posts but these buttons are much more obvious and yet the design is really clean as it just hovers over your existing web page as an entirely seperate layer. You can also monitor the number of shares and see what's going 'viral' etc - most of that you can see via your Google analytics but it's fun to see the graphs they share!

On the Smart Layers page you can add in all of your social networks, just work your way through the drop downs to choose your options add your links and then click 'get code' or  Install depending on which platform you have chosen.

If adding to a website other than those with the auto install, copy the code and paste it into your site above the
tag - I tried both ways and they both work exactly the same.
Will you be adding this gadget to your blog?