A Little Book of Craftivism

Sarah Corbett with her book a little book of craftivism

Did you know you could channel your love of craft and creativity to challenge, change and contemplate injustices in the world with positive and thought provoking action?... well you can... really!

A Little Book of Craftivism has practical tips on making craft projects by yourself and as part of a group with helpful hints on how you can use your projects and ideas to inspire change and to inspire change makers.

Sarah Corbett, the author of 'A Little Book of Craftivism' has proven through her work that you do not need to shout to be heard by politicians and decision makers.

Look I'm in the book too (on the left!) But don't let that put you off! 

I recommend the following one BIG action!

1. Buy a book for yourself... (It costs £5.99 - about the same as a bottle of nice wine and equally delicious)

That's it - I guarantee that once you read it you will want to buy at least 4 more copies for friends that you know (excellent Chrimbo prezzie idea) and even if you just buy one copy I'm sure you will recommend it and want to blog about it because it's such a great little engaging book. 
(let me know if you do blog about this book and I'll be sure to tweet your posts)

Buy it on Amazon
Buy it on Etsy - It's cheaper on Etsy (at the moment) and you can ask for it to come wrapped AND SIGNED! (signed first edition - yes please!)

(both the above are affiliate links - I'll donate any commission from Etsy or Amazon to the Craftivist Collective!)
An example of a pretty stitched mini protest banner from the book

"A little bit of craft helps the activism go down" :)

Your friends will love the calm and friendly approach this book has even if they are newbie crafters - it is all positive, a huge dose of inspiration to make a difference stuffed into one little book!

Below is a video of the book launch - you can spot me with my daughter at the beginning. Edie has her very own copy of this book - she's 9 and totally gets why Craftivism works.

I believe it is important that we educate our kids about the injustices in the world in a way they can understand without it being too scary and overwhelming - so they grow up to be change makers!

You can find out more about craftivism and the Craftivist Collective at  www.craftivist-collective.com or read my interview with Sarah here.

More Images are available at the Craftivist Collective Flickr page