Could you be a Craft Magazine Editor? - Genuine (paid) opportunity for craft bloggers!

Inspiring and creative quote on chalk board - I'm chasing my dreams
I'm Chasing My Dreams - Inspiring Quote by Parada Creations

This is a real chance for one of you to become a craft magazine editor (yep, basically being paid for doing what you already love doing!) It's not a gimmicky competition, they want genuine applicants...

Practical Publishing, the UK's leading craft magazine publisher, is seeking passionate and knowledgeable crafters to add to its creative team. Whether you've always dreamed of editing a craft magazine, you're already publishing a successful crafty blog, or you're simply keen to turn your hobby into a career, we'd love to hear from you. Send a brief covering letter, your CV, and some samples of your creations and writing to   
with the subject line Creative2013.

Practical Publishing came to Craft Blog UK because craft bloggers are the ideal candidates for this job - people that love to write about their craft knowledge / learning and  love of all things handmade! Don't feel put off if you are new to blogging and don't have masses of crafty posts in your archives yet, just pick your best post links to send, posts that show off your creativity.

If you know someone who would be perfect for this opportunity please share! Good luck, I really hope this will be the ideal opportunity for one of you :)

(The position is Manchester based)