New Term - Getting Organised!

Organisation is going to be a big part of the next few months for me and I'll also be sharing a lot of practical content here for organising your blogging and marketing.

I'm gearing up for a house move next summer and so I need every penny I can get.  This means taking on more work and having less time.

More work means everything I do has to be really streamlined so that I'm not dropping plates and committing to anything I can't give 100% to - and of course work and crafts have to fit in around the kids as I'm sure they do with many of you!

In a little nod towards being uber efficient I bought my daughter a 99p academic diary and asked if she would help me with being more organised with all of her stuff by using it every day.

It was pretty basic (ugly) as you can see so I covered it in some pretty fabric from my Craftivism Indonesia trip last November and added a nice red inside with some card from the papermill I work for (great to have a seemingly unlimited supply of beautiful card!).  It feels heavier and more robust now - so hopefully it will last.

The idea is that she takes responsibility for writing in all the important dates and deadlines from the letters she gets from the school and her extra curricular activities and play dates so that we both know what's going on day to day and what she needs well in advance. I hate feeling stressed out in the morning when you discover you need full fancy dress or cooking ingredients 20 minutes before you leave for school.

I also think organisation is a great skill to learn early on. I think it's one of the keys to being successful - not at the expense of being spontaneous or creative of course, those are important qualities too!

Organising Edie!

I've suggested she has  a weekly to-do list in the little notes section each week for homework and chores/fun stuff she wants to do like baking (she's mad on all things bake-off at the moment but I've rarely got in what she wants at short notice) books she wants to read etc and also a little budget for her pocket money too - she's 9, totally capable of taking a little responsibility.

Wish us luck - I'll let you know how this plan works (hopefully longer than the first week of term)

Please let me have your tips for organisation - of yourself, work or family!  Or are you utterly dissorganised and in need of help...   there is hope!