Etsy Success - Fantastic Infographic!

This infographic visually spells out what Etsy has to offer, how successful and dominant in the handmade marketplace it has become and what amazing success can be achieved by designer makers. 

What it doesn't tell you is how incredibly hard it is to get seen on Etsy.  I've worked for 2 handmade marketplaces in the past and I know how difficult it is for designer makers to get their products noticed.  

In my opinion the absolute most important thing (after having a good product in the first place) is your photography and visual marketing.  I'm positive that product photography and strong visual marketing skills are vital to bring in the sales and importantly the interest from publishers and journalists which will bring links into your shop and that will bring you the traffic which will bring you the sales. 

I have put together a collection of links to craft photography tips which you can look through and learn how to improve your visual marketing.  Enjoy the infographic - some of the numbers will make your head pop!

Etsy MBA