Our Pinwheels for the #BigIF event - and get your profile pic displayed on the MEGA screens at Hyde Park!!!

Here's my 5 year old with his bright red pinwheel - in the background is my veg patch - salad and peas!  He wrote on every petal of his spinning flower the words 'Save the Children' 
Would you like your facebook/twitter profile picture displayed at Hyde Parks Big IF event on Saturday 8th June? I know lots of you wont be able to get to London but so many of you can show your support  through social media for this amazing campaign to end world hunger - I know you have Facebook and Twitter!!!  

Click here to add your profile pic and get it seen on the big screens http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/if/the-big-if-details


Wait a mo...  Perhaps you could upload a pic of you with your windmill like I will be now we have made ours and taken some snaps!
As promised we've made some pinwheels / windmills / spinning flowers or whatever you will call them in support of the Big #IF.  We can't be there sadly but we wanted to show our solidarity and also it was a great opportunity for some super simple craft with the kiddos.

My 9 year old daughters pinwheel has simply the word 'hope...'

I hope you make a little windmill this evening or tomorrow in support of Save the Children and the wonderful Big IF (campaigning against unnecessary malnutrition by pushing for strong action at the G8).

Tweet your pics and posts with the hash tag #BigIF and mention @savechildrenUK or share on your facebook!

Lets Get #BigIF trending!

 Instructions for making Pinwheels are here in my previous post.

I had a fun hour making these with the kids and it gave me an opportunity to talk to them about why we were making them and also how democracy works! Our MPs need to know we care!  If you don't have time to make a pinwheel please still tweet/post about it!

350 kids die every hour of malnutrition related diseases - this has to be addressed and stopped, it's just ridiculous - it's not about fund raising although that of course helps - this is about getting the issue noticed at top level and showing  MPs and world leaders that we care and they should make it a priority to sort it out through discussion and real action - they need to make some changes.