Chasing the Dream

Ok so this post is not exactly craft related, but look I'm stitching! 

My nine year old daughter, Edie will be appearing in the live semi finals of Britains Got Talent on Friday (today!).  WOOOOP! 

She's a member of the cast of a brand new British musical called 'Chasing the Dream' - if you watch please vote for them! You can find them on Facebook here - Chasing The Dream

An original musical has never been entered into this comp before - it's totally unique (you know I love originality!!)  If you want to know more there is a fabulous article in 'The Stage' all about why Danny and Pete the writers of this new British musical decided to enter Britains Got Talent!  - Britain's (finally) Got Talent - The Stage

"last weekend something happened on the show that I believe may just be worth shouting about. A musical was entered as an act, and this musical has made it through to the semi finals. It marks the first time a musical (rather than a person or animal) has ever made it this far. Hooray! A triumph for jazz hands all over the world"

Or watch this video below for a few snippets of the songs and some pics of the cast rehearsing

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my embroidery!
x Proud Mum!