New facebook design - what do you think?

Head here - to find out about new look facebook and sign up for the waiting list if you want to be among the first to get it!

Looks a bit more like Google+ to me?  Not the same but somehow the lines of the design...  I may be imagining it!

I want to know asap whether pages are included in the news feed or whether people will have to click the following link in order to see them - this makes a huge difference for us page owners!  Hopefully the default feed is as it is now, so that engaged pages which have been following good edge ranking techniques still get seen!

Here's Facebooks take on it - what do you think?  Kind of like the idea it's all bigger and brighter - great for product photos!

Facebook is such a regular part of many peoples lives, especially small business owners and it really does piss off annoy lots of users when these changes come in - which is never good for businesses trying to get seen - (remember don't ever rely on just one social media channel!).  I do embrace change but I'm just all fingers and toes crossed that my pages and those of my clients won't be badly affected.

Please give me feedback in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new look and the changes afoot!