Buy Handmade this Mothers Day - March 10th 2013

Mothers Day - Sunday March 10th 2013

Mother's day is not far away!  Plenty of time to buy a handmade card or gift - or better still make one yourself!

I made this little reminder image - feel free to paste it onto the facebook wall of your brothers, dads, nephews and let's not be too sexist any sons and daughters who seem to perpetually forget to get the card in the post on Mothers day - no excuses this year ha ha!

Just right click the image and click 'save image as' and then you can share it wherever you feel appropriate :)

Click the link to this Pinterest board full of handmade mothers day gift ideas and inspiration if you are stuck for ideas this year, or want to find a fun mothering sunday project for the kids.  It's a work in progress, I'll be adding to it every time a see a great ide - if you have any makes on your blogs or you are selling mothers day gifts, leave a link with a little description in the comments below so I can pin it to the board.