Stitching with friends = fun! #imapiece

Proud to be a piece of the solution!

Have a Stitch In at your house or local pub / cafe / workshop!

Last month I invited a few of the mums from my kids school to my house to let them know about the #imapiece project I'm working on with the Craftivist Collective and Save the Children (video below, cringe!!!)  

There have been some big events across the UK for the #imapiece project with mass stitching happening and a great deal of planning and organisation has gone into them.  This was much more low key and a lot of fun - I'm not your typical coffee morning person but actually I'd like to do more group stitching!

It cost me 
  • a few cakes, 
  • some coffee and tea
  • a few crafty supplies like needles and floss 
  • the time it took to make up 6 jigsaw pieces for my friends - which wasn't long. (details of how to do it all here)
In order to make the #imapiece campaign work we need to get people making jigsaw pieces for our big installation (cue crafty people like YOU) - so find out how you can help right here on the Craftivist Collective's hub site for the imapiece campaign, it's being supported by Save the Children who are working really hard to fight the issue of world hunger - you can sign an e petition right now to show your support.

I hope you are inspired to have a few friends over and collectively make some jigsaw pieces (we need lots for our installation) that will help remind our MP's and each other that we have a voice and we needn't just stand by and let kids die of preventable causes.

Together crafty people like us can make sure that David Cameron works really hard this year to activate world leaders into redoubling their efforts to put a stop to kids dying and being stunted physically and mentally through entirely unnecessary malnutrition.

I can't wait to see the final installation, with all your jigsaw pieces together.  Having our MP's see our messages displayed in such a provocative way and understanding the time, effort and emotion that has gone into every piece will really help!

Use the hash tag #imapiece if you blog or tweet and we'll be sure to share on our big networks too!  Collectively I think the Crafty Avengers reach about 50,000 users on Twitter alone!

Please add a comment below and ask me questions - anything at all that you are unclear on that may be stopping you from getting involved in this project :)  If I can't answer the people at Save the Children or Sarah Corbett, the founder of the Craftivist collection will surely do so!

(I'm like you, I just at the beginning of being part of the change I wish to see in the world)

PS - the baby I'm slinging around a bit in the video is the lovely Albert, belonging to my friend Abi and not me, mine are happily out of nappies!