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Craftivist Jigsaw heart - Show your love this Valentine's not just for your crush/partner but for the world
Just a few of the pieces that are coming in made into a heart by Sarah who is leading this project alongside Save the Children - how cool will it be to see your piece in the big installation!

CLICK the retweet button above now and help us raise awareness and show that the craft community wants the Government to use its power and influence as host of the 2013 G8 to tackle injustice.

Each piece of the puzzle will be stitched by a crafty person who gives a damn and has spent time and effort creating a piece, stitched with a message to remind us we can all improve the world and help fulfil its potential, 260 kids die every hour as a direct result of malnutrition - this is not acceptable to me and I wont turn my head yet another time to these statistics. I'm creative and I can use this talent to be a part of the solution. Please get involved! We have until Feb 28th to get our jigsaw pieces stitched and be secretly awesome.

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Do you want to take part in the Craftivist Jigsaw project in partnership with Save the Children? Follow these links to find out exactly how!

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