Embedded Tweets - why they are so awesome!

I just spotted that you can now really quickly embed tweets and Twitter conversations into your blog posts or website. Just like this one below! Took me 10 seconds. Not sure when this feature went live but it's brilliant - let me know if you've been using it already and what you think.

Why so awesome? 

Because it can really help with blog posts, adding another interesting and interactive element to a subject matter.  If you look above you can retweet, reply and favourite directly from this post - give it a go!

Instead of "They said this on twitter" you can embed the actual tweet, any attached images and see the number of replies to the tweet and favourites.

If someone was to say - wow your work is fantastic, or "Thanks for the amazing quick delivery and great customer service" you can share this tweet in a post, or maybe in an updateable web page where you can add your latest best feedback.

You can use it as a quick, what do you think about this post, just embed the tweet and ask a simple question below to encourage people to engage with your blog or with you on Twitter.

You can share your own tweets and it adds a little follow button so people can quickly add you!

There are so many ways you could use this great feature - can you think of any?  If you use it in a post please paste the link to the post into a comment below so we can see some more live examples!

Instructions for how to add tweets to your blog posts