Social Media Training for your Creative Business

Exciting! Look thats my name...

I've been taken on as a tutor over at the fab new Creative University!

I'm going to be offering a 6 week course covering all aspects of Social Media.  Six weeks to share my tips for creating a really good social media strategy that suits you and your business. There are 20 spaces :)

I'll be on call to answer queries, I'll set you homework and I'll feedback on everything you do during the six weeks, so you wont be left confused, you'll have my personal attention to help you work through the course.

This wont be one of those faceless courses where an email just drops into your inbox, I'll get to know you (via all the various social media channels we'll be discussing) and I'll be supporting you throughout the whole time.

You'll also be supported by the other people on the course, just as if it were a real classroom and we'll have online areas where you can come to and chat with me and them, ask all the burning questions you have and importantly get your social media strategy really well defined.

There is a summary below of the course which costs £99  - I know it's a lot of money, but there's an awful lot of content that you will have to keep and refer back to as well as having me there to answer your specific questions of how to apply what you are learning to your own strategies.

If you use this code HPULDD5 you will get a 10% discount.  Let me know if you sign up, I can have an advanced snoop at your social media accounts!

If you are already a completely savvy social media expert having read lots of the free advice contained in this blog then please can you share this post with any creative friends that you feel would benefit :)  Thank You!

To sign up click - social media training!

Course Outline
Week 1: Introduction
  • The benefits of networking online
  • The goals of social media networking
  • An overview of social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, You Tube and Vimeo
  • Creating accounts and writing powerful profile pages
  • The purpose and need for a social media strategy
Week 2: Focus on… Twitter
  • Twitter basics
  • Twitter etiquette
  • Powerful search and Twitter tools
  • Finding great content to share Part 1 – building Twitter lists
  • Scheduling and linking up to Facebook and blogs
  • Tweet chats
  • Measuring success
Week 3: Focus on… Facebook
  • Facebook basics
  • Understanding the Facebook algorithm
  • What to share
  • Finding the right tone
  • Finding great content to share Part 2 – RSS feeds and feed readers
  • Networking with complementary business pages
  • Setting goals
  • Measuring success
Week 4: Focus on… Pinterest
  • Pinterest basics
  • Choosing themes, titles and descriptions for boards
  • Making your content more ‘pinnable’
  • Building up a Pinterest following
  • Creating and joining community boards
  • Finding great content to share Part 3 – Google images, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo
  • Measuring success
Week 5: Focus on… Google+ and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn as a powerful and professional CV
  • LinkedIn as a social network
  • The benefits of Google+
  • Focusing on channels that suit you and your brand, the best way to link your channels together
  • Time management
Week 6: Conclusion
  • Honing your social media strategy
  • Focusing on goals and return on investment of your time
  • Considering social media advertising and marketing budgets
  • Using an editorial content calendar
Each weekly module will end with an assignment or quiz to test you on what you have learned. Throughout the course, students will work on their strategy document, which Hilary will monitor as the course progresses. In addition, Hilary has created a ready-made editorial content calendar which students can download and fill in, with seasonal cues already added. Throughout the course, students will interact on the discussion board and using social media accounts.
Find me on Google -  +Craft Blog  :)

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