Inspired and very jealous - farm gardens! #imapiece

Yesterday we visited an amazing group of mothers from the Beneh Meriah district who have been helped through a local Save the Children Indonesia led scheme.  (I got bad sunburn, it was scorching hot)

The project aims to give families a way of earning extra income as well as providing them with the know how to grow and sell their own vegetables, herbs and salad.  

Save the Children provide a pack of seeds and importantly they also provide the training they need to get started with managing a small farm garden.  

The women provide the hard work, the community spirit and that entrepreneurial spark needed for any successful business run from your own home.  

Simple project, successful project, sustainable project = happy healthy children

I asked one mother, "Does your child eat the spinach you grow - mine doesn't" - "Oh yes of course, it's so healthy" she replied.  So not only am I jealous of the amazing landscape here, the immaculate veg patch (mine is severely lacking) I'm also extremely envious that her children will eat their greens!

Maimunah in her farm garden

A Market at Takengong