Making money from your craft blog

cable knit hottie cover
Helen Limbrick - Cable Knit Hottie Cover

Advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts - is any of it actually worth it, or are you better off spending time making your crafts and writing about them without the worry of pleasing an advertiser or writing about other peoples products?

What do you think about monetising your craft blog?  ('monetising' is such a nasty word isn't it!)

Some questions about making money from your blog to get you thinking!

  • Do adverts put you off a blog? 
  • Do you find that the adverts you have actually make enough money to be worth the hassle of having them? 
  • Do you know how to go about advertising with your blog? 
  • Do you use an advertising broker or are you part of a publishing network affiliate advertising programme? 
  • Do you just blog about craft for the love of it and you don't even think about making money from it? 

A list of places where you can use your blog content to make money

There's no guarantee you'll make much money with these sites and I'm not endorsing them, just listing them for you to have a look at to help aid our tweet chat discussions on the different ways to make money from blogging.

Project Wondeful - advertisers make bids on advertising space, you can choose to accept bids starting from $0 and up per day - it's a very tailored by blog genre and timezone and a popular service with craft bloggers.

BlogHer - a 'publishing network' of over 3,000 blogs by women. You get paid a revenue share from ad campaigns that run on your blog as well as paid for participating in product review programs.

PassionFruit - create an advertising shop on your site, to make handling sponsors easier - the app does all the hard work, set up is apparently 10 minutes.

Google Adsense - Google will check that your blog is acceptable. You can tailor where the ads that Google chooses as a good fit are placed on your blog.

Chitika - an alternative to Adsense if adsense rejects your application.

Blogsvertise  - once your blog is approved, you are given writing task where you mention a specific product in your blog post, you then get paid based on average traffic to your blog.

So what do you think?  Why not leave a comment!