Hand in at Downing Street! #imapiece

Craftivist launch night at Mary's Living and Giving shop in Primrose Hill
That's me on the left in black and Lauren (aka Deadly Knitshade) with the blue hair and jigsaw piece :) 

Tomorrow at 1pm, Lauren and I will be part of a hand in to 10 Downing Street! I'm very excited :)  

We need your help to make sure people are tweeting about the project and using the #imapiece hashtag - so please let us know if you are in support of our campaign by sharing our "I'm a piece" page so we can get more and more crafty people involved :)

We're giving the Prime Minister a photo montage with pictures of 'world hunger day events' including our launch event last week for the Jigsaw project.  We're also giving him a letter, to let him know just how how much public support there is in the UK for tackling hunger and malnutrition. The UK's Craft community is mentioned specifically in the letter (yes that's all of YOU!) and it will be co-signed by Lauren! 

We hope that it inspires David Cameron to keep his promise to increase overseas aid when it is needed most!

You know the quote - 
"All the world's a stage 
And all the men and women merely players"

Well, I think we're a little bit more than 'merely' players - how about,

"All the world's a jigsaw puzzle
And all the men and women vital pieces"

This video has a few more details on the project - it's my own personal take on it, I hope you have a spare few minutes to watch me explain, grab a cuppa and try and excuse all the y'knows and ummms as I'm really not used to video blogging yet - hopefully I'll get better as this campaign rolls on! :)

Head over to our campaign HQ for more details about how you can help! "I'm a piece" and there's still lots of time to sign the petition

edit 26/10/12

Here we are! Knocking on the door and hoping David Cameron will take our board and keep his promises :)